Car Clubs

Car Club Alley will once again be an attraction for the MDA Car Show at the Berglund Center this year. We are pleased to be able to bring the car show back to its grassroots with local displays, as well as clubs within a two hour drive. The Car Club Alley will have Twenty-one (21) free spaces and details are listed below.

One free space per club
Large clubs will have a free space every year
Small clubs will have a free space every now and then
If more than 21 clubs are interested in a given year then we will begin rotation
Club selection determined by MDA Car Show Committee

1 free space, 1 table and 4 chairs per club
Your space is free
Your only cost will be show admission ticket
Everyone that enters show buys a ticket (daily and weekend passes available)
We will provide table and chairs
Your 4 chairs must remain on back side of table in designated space
No additional chairs permitted (we will provide additional seating areas)
Spaces will be filled randomly during Friday morning setup
No nearby spaces available for other member or friend’s car, etc.

You choose the vehicle for your space
You choose vehicle, not us
Does this person have covered transportation in case of bad weather
Do you have a backup vehicle chosen
If you have more than one member interested, use them next year
Try to rotate vehicles (not the same vehicle every year)

Person you choose will fill out a special tagged application
They will pay $25 entry fee Friday at registration
They will get 2 weekend passes, plaque, goody bag, etc.

You can use your table and space as you choose

Club banner
Sign up new members
Show information and applications
Carpet on floor
Computer connections from RVCC for $30 per day
Just loafing around

You can use your vehicle space as you choose
Have a real nice display, don’t let other clubs out do you
Select a really knock out ride for your car space
Space will be standard 8ft X 19ft

Members can still enter show even if your club has a space in Car Club Alley
They submit an application just as in past
If chosen, they are in show
Their space will not be near Car Club Alley
Car Club Alley spaces will be set apart from other show spaces

Please contact us soon space is limited.

With your support and help this could evolve into a really great additional to the MDA Car Show and give clubs like yours a great opportunity for exposure, membership additions and a way to have a lot of fun. We look forward to working with you. I will be available to attend one of your meetings, talk by phone, email, whatever it takes to make this venture a success. Let’s make this Car Club Alley look good enough to floor anyone turning the corner for the first time and seeing it. Don’t forget, you choose the vehicle for your space, not us.

Printable Car Club Form

Contact Patty Feazell
Cell……………….. 540-314-2759

P.O. Box 19195
Roanoke, VA 24019